this is goodbye

09/15/2020 09:58
ive been on toonator for 3 years but i think i'll move onto better and bigger things ive had fun making the animations and made alot of friends, i will leave my toons up for anyone to see. I know people wont notice but i just wanted to do a formal goodbye signing out - PeaceLion
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-__-__-__-__-__- 09/16/2020 08:30
B1uMoonGirl, bc she leave :((
B1uMoonGirl 09/16/2020 08:24
-__-__-__-__-__-, wait why sad face :(
B1uMoonGirl 09/16/2020 08:24
Void-Stars 09/16/2020 07:50
Void-Stars 09/16/2020 07:50
-__-__-__-__-__- 09/16/2020 07:43
B1uMoonGirl, that means serulii is one toooo :(
B1uMoonGirl 09/16/2020 07:38
Zatch, ur like one too

basically anyone i thought was really cool when i joined
not saying if i still think they're cool or not haha
AirDragon23 09/15/2020 20:14
I hope more people can see your art in the future. You deserve to shine like the sun.
Zatch 09/15/2020 18:11
B1uMoonGirl, that’s completely false
pixelchan 09/15/2020 16:45
Remember when you first joined. Wish you the best.