10/13/2015 18:45


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5OUL 10/13/2015 19:21
susimi 10/13/2015 19:20
taio: oh! of course! *he starts piloting the helicopter* to japan~! *FLY INTO SUNSET*
5OUL 10/13/2015 19:17
((God knows what would happen if TAIZO DROVE ME.))
5OUL 10/13/2015 19:17
I have no clue where that is so you'll have to drive me there

*Autopilot switches off and all the manual controls pop out*

To infinity and beyond
susimi 10/13/2015 19:16
taio* (FAK)
susimi 10/13/2015 19:14
taizo: ?! really? you are a very kind helicopter, thankyou! *he steps in, and sits in le seat, and buckles in* we must go to the drill labs 5OUL-san~, can you do that for me please?
5OUL 10/13/2015 19:12

...Get inside me.
susimi 10/13/2015 19:11
*he looks at me*: excuse me miss, I need to get back to the drill labs, so I can pic up susumu-ni-san~ from his drill race with Anna.

..... your outa luck without a ride. *shrugs* my motorcycle is in pieces right now.
5OUL 10/13/2015 19:09
Yes thank you


susimi 10/13/2015 19:07
*he bows* goodbye 5OUL-san~! sweet dreams!