11/05/2020 20:00
Hello! I feel that to truly be a part of this community someone must hold a contest because it brings (almost) everyone together! lol so i'm doing just that! The rules are simple: Use either pallet and refrain from using black/white. Blending is allowed :) Winner stuff: First - medal + colored art of choice, Second - medal + line art, Third - medal + Goodplace I will be choosing winner based on what I like best and how creative you get.
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-__-__-__-__-__- 11/06/2020 01:51
ok i need to do one of many of these contests i "entered"
ShaedeTheEevee 11/05/2020 23:02
i'm usually inactive here but i figured why not
LeisurlyBeaver 11/05/2020 22:23
I leisurlyBeaver will not be entering your contest
_Multi_ 11/05/2020 20:15
SkylertheOutlaw 11/05/2020 20:11
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/05/2020 20:04
BEVERLY_HILLS, i made a promise to myself to not gp for more than 10 to gp the crack master for the most days possible
BEVERLY_HILLS 11/05/2020 20:04
waiting for you to stop gping so i can gp the crack master more lmao
Tropical_Sipss 11/05/2020 20:02
Scratch that it'll be Nov. 25th LOL
Tropical_Sipss 11/05/2020 20:01
Deadline is November 30th!!!