11/05/2020 20:00
Hello! I feel that to truly be a part of this community someone must hold a contest because it brings (almost) everyone together! lol so i'm doing just that! The rules are simple: Use either pallet and refrain from using black/white. Blending is allowed :) Winner stuff: First - medal + colored art of choice, Second - medal + line art, Third - medal + Goodplace I will be choosing winner based on what I like best and how creative you get.
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-__-__-__-__-__- 11/21/2020 08:09
-__-__-__-__-__- 11/21/2020 08:06
so i can still join. hmmmm
-__-__-__-__-__- 11/21/2020 08:06
judahco, no you don't have to continue this, you just have to use the right colours
judahco 11/21/2020 07:03
I already made an entry for the contest but I just realized that you have to continue this project what do I do? Can you actullay make a contest?
PotatoChipzToon 11/21/2020 02:25
do u mind if i join this
kraftcheese 11/20/2020 21:24
Tropical_Sipss no it's okay ssorry
Tropical_Sipss 11/20/2020 21:08
kraftcheese, oh oops ;-; sorry i didn't notice :(
kraftcheese 11/20/2020 20:08
Tropical_Sipss oooh, you just replaced the psa in gp.... that's gonna bite you back ooooh that's gonna come back to haunt you that is gonna get you cancelled that's pretty controversial
Tropical_Sipss 11/20/2020 20:07
5 more days!!!!
TheSickSlushy 11/17/2020 07:54
Tropical_Sipss, oooo ok ty