Wish this could be my profile pic

01/23/2016 15:56
I wish this could be my profile pic
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RandomlyFoods 01/23/2016 16:00
xXFurryXx, yeah.
i know...
it was just an FYI
xXFurryXx 01/23/2016 16:00
RandomlyFoods Did u even read the title or the desc?
RandomlyFoods 01/23/2016 15:59
Pugz4Evr 01/23/2016 15:59
everybody's doing little ghosts because I created the thing..
KunaWolf 01/23/2016 15:59
RandomlyFoods, he said "wish" he knows
RandomlyFoods 01/23/2016 15:58
has to be 10 frames or less