Fanart for @Urvz (Preview lies)

02/16/2019 08:38
refs: I tried on an old style with this one, I also went back to my old way of blending. Looks like i've kinda improved tbh. Anyway, i hope you like it, I apologise if this does not accurately represent your character, I tried working with your previous ref before asking for the new one.
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POKMEMON_UWU 11/07/2019 08:16
Toonimator_666 08/16/2019 07:41
teardr_ps 03/12/2019 12:40
zefuro, np UwU
zefuro 03/12/2019 10:36
teardr_ps, thanks :D
teardr_ps 03/11/2019 21:06
oof i think imma have a spasm this looks so prettyyyyyyyyyyy 0w0
Demongonemad 02/22/2019 18:26
Plz watch zefuro
Demongonemad 02/22/2019 14:09
Zefuro! It's me Candydemon! I just swiched accounts! so yeah! just letting you know. How have you've been? :)
CreamPuffLeDemon 02/22/2019 12:34
zefuro, its me demonwithabowtie I wanted to say im moving to another acc again -_- its name will be...……………. VintageThedemon or something like that
demonwithabowtie 02/22/2019 11:47
demonwithabowtie 02/22/2019 08:51
zefuro, this is AMAZING. great shadeing work!