The Otter

08/06/2015 22:20
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narsku 04/26/2016 08:57
insanekitty2002, lunalights17, Yuki142080,
Thank you! Kind comments makes my day! :) Sorry for being incredibly slow at responding, i'm not currently very active here. :C
Yuki142080 01/31/2016 22:43
lunalights17 01/31/2016 22:23
this is visually beautiful and so smooth animation! awesome job :D
insanekitty2002 01/21/2016 00:36
*Gay gasp*
_Architech_ 11/26/2015 23:06
narsku, it was a bit choppy at a frame but i noticed that coloring is a lot of work so i shouldnt be complaining because i know u took ur time on this and its still amazing just ignore the last comment <3
narsku 11/25/2015 03:53
_Architech_,What's wrong with the lines? SuperAlien,I'm sorry i do not remember :/ Thanks tho jabberjay, Thanks B-fox, Thank you! Your puns are hilarious. :D
moham1 11/21/2015 20:16
B-fox, your puns are tearable I bearly laughed.
_Architech_ 11/21/2015 20:11
SORRY I CANT STOP EXPLODING THSI IS AMAZING JASHND WHVAWEVH (the only thing im not so okay with is the smoothness) BUT THIS IS STILL BEAUTFUL actually who am i kidding this is better than what i can do!
jabberjay 11/21/2015 18:37
B-fox 11/21/2015 16:39
peridorito, Was it too punny? Must think of otter one then... *ducks*