I have a Dog now

04/06/2021 07:56
And jfc it's alot of work. Especially since that the fact he's a rescue, and is he's highly reactive. He hates dogs, old people (for some gosh dang reason), and bikes (not motorbikes, just normal bikes. He'll and jump and shake like Clickers from last of us. I don't want to make my mom put this dog back, simply because I, including the rest of my family can't handle him on walks. Is there any tips, books, videos, or trainers that you'd recommend? I live in fort myers, FL.
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q-qijy 04/15/2021 15:34
Potato-blurbs, these toons show you how
q-qijy 04/15/2021 15:33

these toons show you how
Potato-blurbs 04/14/2021 23:12
how you animate without flash how you even animate in this site anymore? ;-;
hmmmWellThen 04/13/2021 21:44
aw i rly wish i could help. we truly don't deserve dogs.
DogoDrawer 04/12/2021 08:55
YurFam 04/08/2021 12:57
Thank you everyone for giving me some tips!
TWAfiction 04/06/2021 21:42
NoahrocNoodle, Use the "Toonator Afterlife" chrome extension. Look it up.
NoahrocNoodle 04/06/2021 21:17
How are you still able to animate when flash is down?
YurFam 04/06/2021 14:16
B1uMoonGirl, thanks. he's has a lot of energy. he does like waffles, even tho its not good for him (high in calories)
B1uMoonGirl 04/06/2021 13:23
find a food he loves and use it as positive reinforcement for when he's calm or friendly or walking nicely. Don't yell at him when hes too wild, use a firm comment and dont give him extra attention until he stops what hes doing. Just be patient while hes settling in, maybe he will calm down on his own when hes used to the place.