Lizard breath

06/27/2020 22:36
teeth move like a chainsaw
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Lil_Anchor 06/27/2020 23:54
Yushino, its more supposed to be the flap that a lizard has lol
Lil_Anchor 06/27/2020 23:54
Yushino, oh god yeah them
Yushino 06/27/2020 23:52
i would pat

the neck thingy kinda reminds me of a certain ape that can do the same
i think theyre called siamang gibbons? they do this cool bubble neck thing and it would make a vwooom sound
Lil_Anchor 06/27/2020 22:44
EndlessStyless, you may have him
EndlessStyless 06/27/2020 22:43
i'll take dat boi please