it my birthday

02/28/2022 06:48
party bee, party bee add on? birthday party, birthday


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angelYcat 05/10/2022 19:47
happy late (maybe late?) bday
_WolfLover_ 04/21/2022 18:44
B1uMoonGirl, alright, much thanks
B1uMoonGirl 04/21/2022 17:07
_WolfLover_, the YouTube mp3 one? Ive been using it for years, it just opens another tab when you hit download. you just need to close it and youre good. i had a much nicer one but it got shut down sadly
_WolfLover_ 04/21/2022 16:59
thank you for the help!!
_WolfLover_ 04/21/2022 16:59
B1uMoonGirl, is the website safe?
B1uMoonGirl 04/21/2022 15:45
B1uMoonGirl, multator(dot)com******

thats crazy?? it corrects to toonator when you type it
B1uMoonGirl 04/21/2022 15:43
_WolfLover_, Correction: I meant to type "go to" not
B1uMoonGirl 04/21/2022 15:39
_WolfLover_, to download music from youtube you need to use something like (or a better one if you can find it. this one is a bit scammy but works)

to put the downloaded music on toonator download "Basilisk" browser and go to It will be is russian, but you can get to your animation and click the three dots (where 'more' is on here)

then you will see a microphone icon next to "Прикрепить звук", click this
A new text box will appear underneath. Click this box. It will open your file explorer.

From here just select the audio you had downloaded. This will cause two more text boxes to appear. Click the one to the right to preview the new audio. The box you just clicked will be replace with a smaller one in the same place, don't click this unless you want to remove the audio. Click the bottom left box to add the audio for good.
_WolfLover_ 04/20/2022 16:11
smol question, how do you download music and add it? ive looked at peoples guides but I dont know how to download it :'0
_WolfLover_ 04/20/2022 16:11
happy birthday!!