Red and Bounce Origins Part 1&2

10/18/2018 15:05
hey guys.... ie been like super dead as of like forever......i was grounded and it forced me to have to post part 2 or red and bounce a little earily. So part 3 is going to be pretty long i guess. kk bye guys...and dont forget me.
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SlenderLicky 10/24/2018 13:50
poppliotube, yup...thats the plan
poppliotube 10/23/2018 21:39
If u have spooder u can add song or sound
CuriousClaws 10/23/2018 04:31
still dont know what their saying
but cool
AThornBush 10/21/2018 14:09
SlenderLicky, youre also going to have to work on timing if youre adding sound aa
SwagTomato 10/21/2018 14:08
Thanks :)
SlenderLicky 10/21/2018 13:13
SwagTomato, no worrys man! i sould've mencioned that you had a show too insted of soaking up the attention.
SwagTomato 10/21/2018 12:01
SlenderLicky, Sorry for the self advertisement I only realised it after I said it
SlenderLicky 10/21/2018 09:11
you should check it out :)
SlenderLicky 10/21/2018 09:11
Kotsuko, yeah i forgot to mencion! im not the only one actually! Swag has an awesome series called unstoppable. It actually came BEFORE mine. Its my favorite show on toonator other than mine of course XD
SwagTomato 10/21/2018 05:15
SlenderLicky is not the only one with a plot