12/24/2019 18:33
gay people have the faggot pass AND the yaoi word pass
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pandapup123 12/24/2019 20:57
Rushy, id say only he/him (or masc-leaning enbys) pronoun users who are also gay (attracted to males only) or in some cases bi dudes who are more attracted to males ? but i give you the faggot pass
pandapup123 12/24/2019 20:57
Rushy, no
Rushy 12/24/2019 20:49
what if we are nonbinary & pan can i say f word
yoshihomo 12/24/2019 20:25
>het girl
>sayin faggot

so we r just saying whatever we feel like now
pandapup123 12/24/2019 19:18
ThatDrawingCat, i know you arent gay but youre a fucking cishet which only makes it funnier that you get mad at me calling you a faggot

sure are defensive for someone whos not a fag
pandapup123 12/24/2019 19:17
ThatDrawingCat, i like to keep my album clean faggot
ThatDrawingCat 12/24/2019 19:16
Last time I was on here, you had a lot more
ThatDrawingCat 12/24/2019 19:16
So, did you remove your shitty drawings?
ThatDrawingCat 12/24/2019 19:14
so, that means I'm not a faggot
since I'm not gay
Ohren 12/24/2019 18:37
pandapup123, Correct