07/30/2020 13:48
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kraftcheese 08/02/2020 04:14
Tellieo no wonder
Tellieo 08/01/2020 19:06
kraftcheese, im using firefox
kraftcheese 08/01/2020 12:35 this might help idk
Tellieo 08/01/2020 09:36
OH HEY, btw i wont be drawing for a long while until: i can figure out how to make it so when i turn on flash it doesnt restart my computer, or until the editor is changed to html5
Tyes 07/31/2020 03:27
Tellieo, n o
Tellieo 07/30/2020 19:33
Tyes, it is not a rabbit, it is a boinger. there is a small difference
Tyes 07/30/2020 17:51
Rabbit . Yeees
Tellieo 07/30/2020 15:50
kraftcheese, i would say go ahead because theres a hundred more to take its place
kraftcheese 07/30/2020 15:32
what if i just shoved this rabbit creature in my mouth pockets like a little hamster to save for later