10/15/2019 02:25
Her name be Piko (Real Name: 출혈 꽃) and she is from the same race of shapeshifters as Toyota and James. She was born with a heart condition, often prone to heart attacks and such if she over worked herself, meaning she couldn't fully shapeshift let alone fly like the others. She was often joked that this was because her father was an Irish. At the age of 16, Piko developed a complicated case of HanaHaki, or flower vomiting disease, where instead of having one romantic love, she longed for the love from someone she never met, hoping to be considered amazing as she does for them. Along with her heart condition, she was considered the weakling of the village, but was treated almost like everybody else. When her best friends, Toyota and James said to her they were going to fly to Japan, Piko replied she has to get better quick to come visit them. All in all, Piko is basically an over determined person, working hard to overcome her illnesses no matter how much they drag her down. And one da
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toonimator_101 10/28/2019 01:52
so cute! <3
Rushy 10/18/2019 10:58
dont take this as an offense but this reminds me of my old sona bea????? the flowers and halo and stuff i guess...
Kotsuko 10/16/2019 09:34
MeuMeu_Leijon 10/15/2019 17:54
Wh put this in good place-
MeuMeu_Leijon 10/15/2019 02:53
EmotionLess, Ah yeet
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