05/29/2019 16:17
we only want ANIMATIONS in the album. So when you draw a picture or somthn, make sure you take it out of the album. Its important that our account looks presentable, tidy, and professional. -awendt
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redpoopplays_YT 09/24/2019 15:17
BigBoiClout, yes yummy
BigBoiClout 05/29/2019 18:50
SlenderStudios 05/29/2019 16:49
SlenderStudios 05/29/2019 16:23
fun...my drafts are gone......x-x
SlenderStudios 05/29/2019 16:20
ok then
SlenderStudios 05/29/2019 16:18
Just make sure you take stuff outta the album after you draw em. That way only staff can access it.