sapphire adopt 1

11/28/2017 16:57
Ill try to stick to doing full body references from here on im just terrible with scale on this site smh. anyways this is a black sapphire, first come first serve. I'll make some homeworld and some crystal gems too.
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DerpyChild- 11/28/2017 17:01
Jinxseam, oh goodie
i love blind ocs
Jinxseam 11/28/2017 17:00
DerpyChild-, btw her gem is on her eye she's literally blind enjoy
pngn3 11/28/2017 16:59
why 3 chins
-clou 11/28/2017 16:58
Jinxseam 11/28/2017 16:58
DerpyChild- 11/28/2017 16:57
can i adopt