Collab thingy

09/02/2016 17:44


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TinyDaPup 09/03/2016 16:12
ok i take that back i cant (to many frames are hard on collabs)
TinyDaPup 09/03/2016 16:07
ill join!
m0i 09/03/2016 15:24
Starkiss, Oh I got it! Haha maybe :P I'm just not really good at drawing anime @A@
Starkiss 09/03/2016 13:35
m0i, i dont think you are them, i think your 2 artstyles are similar :3
m0i 09/03/2016 13:33
Starkiss, You think I am them? :v Their art is way better than mine
Starkiss 09/03/2016 13:23
m0i, i think its SketchZi
m0i 09/03/2016 13:01
MentoCola, Aw don't say that!
MentoCola 09/03/2016 13:00
MentoCola, nevermind i don't have the talent for this.
MentoCola 09/03/2016 12:50
i'll do it :3
m0i 09/03/2016 11:32
_Sketch_Berry_, can't wait to see it :P