Collab thingy

09/02/2016 17:44


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RainyStar_ 09/25/2016 18:05

I had to do it TWICE
RainyStar_ 09/22/2016 15:08
Color_Me_Grey 09/21/2016 14:43
How do I go back in the frames? Say I'm on frame 65 and I want to get to frame 1. How do I do so?
SnowGirlSketch 09/21/2016 14:42
MillyMalla 09/18/2016 17:12
I added mines!
MillyMalla 09/18/2016 15:44
m0i, Is their away to just move sideways instead of copy and pasting every time you press x?
You know what i mean right?
m0i 09/05/2016 15:05
SketchZi, SuperAwesome, AAAH they both look so good! Don't worry super, take your time!
SuperAwesome 09/04/2016 23:48
m0i, This isn't done yet it's unfinished ;v;
SketchZi 09/04/2016 07:15
m0i 09/03/2016 16:18
TinyDaPup, Oh.. sorry if I make it too long ;~;//