How to animate on toonator (no clickbait)

03/18/2021 05:24
extension to animate on toonator (
browser to put sound on the toonator (
to make backgrounds easier and more accurate (M-Edit) (
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mastir 03/18/2021 08:37
Damiyuta, thanks (:
_StarMoonlight_ 03/18/2021 08:24
oh nice owo
Damiyuta 03/18/2021 08:22
_Pomposha_, thank you very much for translating what was written, the translator translated almost the same, that's why I thanked you for the comments, but I don't trust translating from English to Russian
Damiyuta 03/18/2021 08:12
mastir, all right, thanks for being so polite, i put it in good place to show my animation on the multator too ^O^
mastir 03/18/2021 07:57
excuse me, but can I change a good place?
_Pomposha_ 03/18/2021 07:23
Damiyuta, i will translate it for you:
they fly towards love!
they fly well
_Pomposha_ 03/18/2021 07:22
_Pomposha_ 03/18/2021 07:22
Damiyuta 03/18/2021 07:12
blum1963, TEmak, Thanks for the comments >_____<
blum1963 03/18/2021 06:56
Хорошо летят..