Memeist!! All Let's collab!!

10/10/2018 13:06
So guys. I have been thinking of a collab for a while and I even made some story boards for some. If you want to collab, comment what you would like to do. I have been thinking about a War scene against non-memers (Teachers >:D). But thats all really.. if you guys have questions. I am available right now.
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TheMemeistArmy 10/16/2018 08:05
TheMemeistArmy, Ok i will try to do it. - Meme
TheMemeistArmy 10/15/2018 00:25
ok apparently im having loss of motivation when it comes to drawing backgrounds and i realised i sucked anyways so im sorry for wasting your time
is someone else good at background?
im sorry really aaaa
TheRandomAnimate 10/11/2018 18:59
tf i want in
baby_virus 10/11/2018 17:18
Oh my god.. Can I join this army??
TheMemeistArmy 10/11/2018 14:14
TheMemeist, i can do it -mix
TheMemeist 10/11/2018 12:05
TheMemeistArmy, I we need someone that is good at backgrounds...
TheMemeistArmy 10/11/2018 06:49
maybe the war scene is a really good idea!!!

when are we gonna start? -mix
sadason 10/11/2018 06:13
my teacher actually likes memes
TheMemeist 10/11/2018 06:07
I will make a storyboard online. I just need some ideas.
TheMemeist 10/11/2018 06:06
bobba-milk, -SherlockHolmes-, You guys are apart of the Army so... yes