Bounce VS Dartus (Fight Collab) 6

12/31/2018 19:32
idk how im gana get outa this XD
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SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 09:09
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 09:09
SwagTomato, should we go scence it's the last one?
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 09:08
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 09:08
SwagTomato, But yeah... shit
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 09:08
SlenderLicky, I wanted to do something cool so that you didn't die
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 09:02
SwagTomato, well; hope you can eventually get back to animating . I guess you won then lol
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 08:57
Go to my profile I can't send links
SwagTomato 01/01/2019 08:56
SlenderLicky, Thank you! But we can't continue the collab anymore
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 08:56
SwagTomato, your animation was beast too, you did a good job with the smoke and the cracks
SlenderLicky 01/01/2019 08:52
SwagTomato, btw , that hurt LOL