I want to make a Contest of day...

09/14/2018 16:18
for tommorow bc we hAVEN'T HAD 1 IN LIKE 5 MONTHS! soooo, plz?
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PicklesWithFruit 09/14/2018 20:30
5OUL, :O yes plz!
poppliotube 09/14/2018 17:35
i put a heart/like
red_nose 09/14/2018 16:37
5OUL, yes pls
5OUL 09/14/2018 16:28
PicklesWithFruit, You don't have to pay for a contest idea, it's optional if you want to offer your own spiders into the prize pool.

I will start setting up the contests again if you want them.
PicklesWithFruit 09/14/2018 16:26
DaleksOfSkaro, wait, you pay for an idea whether it's accepted or not?
DaleksOfSkaro 09/14/2018 16:23
Me, Disaster, and Shine all tried making MULTIPLE contests, and they just WONT ACCEPT ANY OF THEM, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE PAYING FOR IT!
Parad0xx 09/14/2018 16:22
PicklesWithFruit, i mean you could buy them
but idk if you have access to a credit card or smth
PicklesWithFruit 09/14/2018 16:21
but like srsly ANY contest is better than NO contest, I want a way to EARN spooders because I'm not getting into popu. soon.
PicklesWithFruit 09/14/2018 16:20
Parad0xx, well I mean I'd tell them what to put for the contest because I have gathered some ideas over the 5 MONTHS.
DaleksOfSkaro 09/14/2018 16:19