these two^^

01/22/2018 13:17
i continued it!! wooooo im so proud of myself lol,



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_Disaster_ 01/22/2018 15:10
FlyAway_, i will at some point, I've done just raven ( my pfp) but ill do some of jax when i can
FlyAway_ 01/22/2018 15:08
_Disaster_, you should do a toon in their human forms so we can see what they look like^^
_Disaster_ 01/22/2018 15:07
FlyAway_ 01/22/2018 15:06
they can transform back into humans right?
_Disaster_ 01/22/2018 14:57
RANDOMGIRL4 01/22/2018 14:54
_Disaster_, Common relationships between friends lol
Vibe_ 01/22/2018 14:54
_Disaster_, ohhhhh,
_Disaster_ 01/22/2018 14:53
Vibe_, lol there good friends, although ravens a bit mean
RANDOMGIRL4 01/22/2018 14:44
_Disaster_, Y e s jamesfeyart TRUE
Vibe_ 01/22/2018 14:42
whats there relationship?