wing practice

12/19/2017 09:39
ACKK! i feel like this damn dragon slaped me in the face and called me ugly (it was hard to draw) im going to do some work on gliding at some point. i dident copy and paste any frames so its all a bit shakey so sorry bout that
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JayCanDraw 12/20/2017 10:13
AnnikatheLlama, thank you!
JayCanDraw 12/20/2017 10:13
canadian-leaf205 12/19/2017 18:13
rawr the adorible beast
THeFoxMaker2004 12/19/2017 18:04
AnnikatheLlama 12/19/2017 16:20
woah this is beautiful!
I can't even animate bird wings XD
JayCanDraw 12/19/2017 15:07
WaterInTheRiver, thanks! yah that makes sense, i will do more work on it when i have time^^ thank you for the advice
WaterInTheRiver 12/19/2017 15:04
this is amazing!!! the only advice i have is the movement of the body. when the wings go down, the dragons body should be going up because of the force the dragon exerted towards the ground, and when the wings make their way back up the body should be going back down if that makes any sense lol... for reference
Guapper 12/19/2017 15:01
JayCanDraw, aw thank you as well haha ;P
JayCanDraw 12/19/2017 14:58
Guapper,i love your work btw ^^
Guapper 12/19/2017 14:57