10/14/2017 16:16
I'm bored, so if ya want, my XBox name is FusingFrog23199 And I play a lot of Fortnite: Battle Royale and Overwatch. (And plenty of AC: Syndicate, but that don't matter) And, please give me requests, cause I'm really bored right now.
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roquangardner 04/30/2021 14:59
my fortnite name is Darkreaven_23 Ps4 name darkreaven_23
Fusing 04/04/2018 18:06
Hallybuy56, And what makes you think that?
Hallybuy56 03/27/2018 16:13
Fusing, well, Im stupiiiidddddddddddd
Fusing 10/25/2017 11:46
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Fusing 10/15/2017 18:38
Hallybuy56, Also, he was originally a stickfigure (hence, RHG)
Fusing 10/15/2017 18:38
Hallybuy56, Have you not seen my OC/RHG? Scar is a hairless, ruthless (and quite mindless) combatant. But over time, i've kinda softened him a up a bit.
Hallybuy56 10/15/2017 17:46
why is hairless...
Fusing 10/14/2017 21:53
SillyKally_AD, Ah. R.I.P. The Halloween event is going on.
Fusing 10/14/2017 21:53
Medic_Cloudy, Cool, see ya on the battlements then!
Medic_Cloudy 10/14/2017 20:39
Fusing, level 29-30 and 5-7 hours im not fully sure