STARFALL (Elle5's contest entry)

08/24/2018 13:43
um i don't know if this even counts for the contest becuase i used WAY more colors than the palette, but i had fun doing this!! :) this girl's a little star thief!


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_StarMoonlight_ 03/11/2020 21:03
Serulii, <333, i'm glad i helped inspired you uwu.

tho i didn't really inspire you i sort of reminded you ^^'

oh and thank you for inspiring me too uwu
Serulii 03/11/2020 19:10
_StarMoonlight_, ASDJFLADJFS!! YESS YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DRAW IT!! <333 i'm so glad i inspired you!!
_StarMoonlight_ 03/11/2020 15:07
Serulii, lol. You really should! It'll look amazing!!

and agalsdjfl;ajsdf, the one that i said was my favorite kinda inspires me and now i really want to draw it. Tho i might draw it on paper and not on here. Or when i finally get the drawing pad i'll draw it on here and say it was inspired by you uwu
Serulii 03/10/2020 19:26
_StarMoonlight_, omg i'm glad you saw those!! looking back i kinda wish i did that one too--i may redraw it but with an actual digital art program :')) but yea!! trying out a bunch of ideas is important!
_StarMoonlight_ 03/10/2020 14:22
it's funny because when i press play i see you had a bunch of different ideas before youf inally decided with the final result. A lot of them seemed like very interesting ideas too.

I especially like the other one with the girl holding a star and had a flowing dress. It shows that a person can have different ideas in time of when they have the right colors they can think of anything! And in the end it's hard to pick what we really want to draw
QwQ-QwQ 03/07/2020 07:44
очень мило
-__-__-__-__-__- 01/13/2020 14:39
toonimator_101, woah 2018?! is that right..? time really flies on toon, honestly feels like i joined yesterday!!
Serulii 01/13/2019 16:21
peachprinny, ahhhh okay my lines used to be super wiggly before i figured out that F makes the drawing window fullscreen ;u; so if that helps!! (BC OMG HOW DID I NOT KNOW)
peachprinny 01/13/2019 14:49
howwww do you get your lines so straaaaight!?!
WolfHats 12/04/2018 20:04
wow its beautiful uwu