Okay, uh, hi.

06/29/2018 22:53
Yo, uh, I've got nothing to explain, uh, this account is kinda dead, i'm open for DMs, and uhhhh, I might resurrect, if you want, but I can't make any promises.
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Toonimator_666 08/26/2019 09:09
Fusing, np
Fusing 08/25/2019 22:47
Toonimator_666, thank you kindly :)
Toonimator_666 08/25/2019 03:17
lmao i know this was 2018 but its so cool!!
Fusing 09/06/2018 21:53
antheafc, Aw thanks. I'm never active anymore, but it's nice to know that someone still likes my work!
antheafc 08/31/2018 02:14
Sup bro! Its been almost a year :3 ur still amazing as always!
Fusing 07/03/2018 21:34
9Sparrow6, Nah, SM4SH influence ._.
FG_FatalHydra 07/02/2018 22:44
9Sparrow6 07/02/2018 22:29
Chun li?
EJ40 07/01/2018 18:45
Fusing 06/30/2018 22:18
FG_FatalHydra, Also, the hit distance reflects on Smash logic. LEL