Me & You. Friends. Forever.

03/21/2018 19:18
Thinking back all this time... From the time I met you and from the times you cheered me on to push further into my skills and polish my skills.... You have helped me to reach this far... Thank you. The calm and peaceful tides explain your character--the way you push us further into the depth of our heart and true talents; the shines on the body of water defining the light in you. The rock-hard cliff explains your mystery: We only see the outer colour, but inside are mysteries yet to be found, let it be precious ores. The astounding skies of blue, pruple and red describe your beauty, the perfection you've kept inside you. The bursts of colour and prismic life are the blooms of your buds filled with new skill. Overall, the masterpiece is you, the complexity from spurs of art, to glimmers of perspective, to sprinkles of colour. The ultimate and astounding ruler of new life--the breeder of unknown talents... Fluffowuffo. aka Fluffy. <3
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Kotsuko 10/29/2018 15:47
BEVERLY_HILLS, IKKKK The preview hates me >.>
BEVERLY_HILLS 10/29/2018 15:22
the preview tho
Kotsuko 10/20/2018 18:09
Animator260, xDDD Thanks!!!!!!
Animator260 10/20/2018 15:54
Kotsuko 04/21/2018 17:08
Serulii, //>w<// ty, Seru!!!! <3
Serulii 04/19/2018 22:52
wowWOW incredible drawing and caption ((teaarrrss))
Kotsuko 04/15/2018 16:53
jojoanims, xDD Wish there was a feature for changing titles!
jojoanims 04/15/2018 13:23
thanks preview
Kotsuko 03/31/2018 06:07
zyriee, Permission Granted.
zyriee 03/29/2018 09:31
can i get this toon to be my desktop wallpaper
like seriously, pl e a se