heavy procrastination

01/23/2019 15:29
so I don't wanna work on my next project rn so send me your oc's and I might try and draw them. (For any anthro characters I only promise to try)
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Kotsuko 01/27/2019 22:23
I come back every so often to gaze at this beauty--
TheRealAaronBurr 01/27/2019 21:23
Dodobroking11 01/24/2019 14:09
Kotsuko 01/24/2019 14:03

Kotsuko 01/24/2019 12:30



*haut* How does one draw--
Hashy 01/24/2019 11:11
You can choose a boi if you want, and hiya, how yah doing?
Lazarinne 01/23/2019 17:44
Zatch, thanks for being understanding! I'll post it tomorrow!
Zatch 01/23/2019 17:34
Lazarinne, yeah that’s ok
Lazarinne 01/23/2019 17:21
Zatch, I'm going to finish yours tomorrow if that's okay? I gotta get some sleep so I don't pass out tomorrow. I have ideas already though so it'll be done asap.
Lazarinne 01/23/2019 17:17
Zatch, This will be... interesting?