11/23/2017 13:51
why is it that when i make a colored drawing, it looks really neat and sort of perfect. but when I save it to my album, it looks sloppy and overall worse than before?


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Awkward__Artist 12/30/2017 13:35
whenwillIusethis, ah, I see
whenwillIusethis 12/29/2017 23:43
on the scale, i would be inbetween 'exiled from existence' and 'monika deleted me'
sweetluv48 11/27/2017 23:35
fanart :3
Vanlikesnoodles 11/27/2017 21:46
The colouring looks better than one of mine, idk what Toonator does but it screws it up and makes it look TERRIBLE!
sweetluv48 11/27/2017 17:34
fixed it
Awkward__Artist 11/24/2017 18:23
sweetluv48, sure, but i dont think it gets any lower, fyi. You'll probably figure out something though
sweetluv48 11/24/2017 17:19
can i fix this? (need permission dont want to steal)
BCManimator 11/23/2017 19:43
*eats pear*
Awkward__Artist 11/23/2017 19:40
BCManimator, *pats heads and gives u a pear*
BCManimator 11/23/2017 19:35
*hugs with tiny arms* :33