Shapes and beats test

08/13/2018 22:02
Tell me what i could fix or the next one
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AnnikatheLlama 10/27/2018 23:58
nvm the pink's good
ILikeHoundoom 08/19/2018 05:19
Cooskelet0n95 08/18/2018 21:33
not long
Frisk_Redfox 08/18/2018 13:30
how long did this take to make
legmonster 08/13/2018 23:03
Cooskelet0n95 08/13/2018 22:26
Toasty430, ok thanks
Toasty430 08/13/2018 22:23
when the circle comes in in the beginning start it in the center and then maybe make it bounce a bit before shooting