2018 Contest?

02/21/2018 05:58
Honestly the camera, typewriter and lantern have nothing to do with the contest- Anyways, listen to one of the three songs + draw anything from 1 of the 3 palettes of your chosen song. Nothing NSFW, Gore is allowed, we all love that. Results will be on April 1st, so take your time. Good luck, and Have fun! <3 (URLs on Comments.)
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blubeanie 04/08/2018 11:33
SuruSuruWo 04/05/2018 20:11
AnnikatheLlama, nvm cant enter sry
blubeanie 04/02/2018 07:21
woowoo cant wait :0
AnnikatheLlama 03/29/2018 05:53
SuruSuruWo, nope! but you'll probably get a higher score or smth if you do, but it's not 100% required
SuruSuruWo 03/27/2018 19:46
do u have to use all the colours on the palette?
AnnikatheLlama 03/27/2018 19:37
There wasn't a lot of entries so far, so I guess move deadline to April 7th?
cotton_candy155 03/25/2018 11:45
Here ya go.
blubeanie 03/25/2018 08:59
cant wait owo
broken_anchor 03/08/2018 23:10
AnnikatheLlama 03/05/2018 23:09