I couldn't finish the collab

05/12/2021 11:04
I couldn't finish the collab with @Just_normal_alt so i thought i'd share what frames i already animated. enjoy this little snip :DD
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YEET_UR_FACE_OFF 05/26/2021 15:46
Hello. I’ve got good news! In about a week ima be back in the site. Random people: but your already on the site! *Jokingly slaps the person* but I’ll be able to animate! :D
sashabraus101 05/13/2021 16:21
I’m a little confused
Raine_Rain 05/13/2021 12:37
ey man...fighting scenes are very hard
jakewane_alt 05/13/2021 09:50
YurFam, lol
YurFam 05/13/2021 07:55
Just_normal_alt, Alright nice. I have testing today on biology :''( so I'll see it soon
YurFam 05/13/2021 07:54
jakewane_alt, I knew I'd see Jojo comments lol
Goosoft 05/13/2021 06:21
It wields the Scythe of Quakes, while it's foe wields the Skurikens of Ice.
Nynxia 05/12/2021 13:43
jakewane_alt, why confused i said correctly "friend"
Just_normal_alt 05/12/2021 13:18
Alright I continued and I will work on it more but I can't do it right now so I guess just enjoy the toon :D
jakewane_alt 05/12/2021 13:16
q-qijy, jjba Nynxia, friend?