Red and Bounce's Pet (contest)

01/08/2019 21:46
Hey guys! thought id host a "contest", basicly Red and Boune need a pet, and i want one of you guys to create one! It has to be fairly small, a creature or animal thats not to complex (im going to have to animate it) and id prefer a cat, but anything will do. Whoever's i like the most, and who meets the guidelines will win, and ill officially make it Red and Bounce's pet, witch i will animate and will show up in each episode they show up in, and ill gp the winner. (if i once i have money lol) anyway, good luck guys, and plz help me adopt :3
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SlenderLicky 01/16/2019 11:37
TheWeirdoNamedME, uhhhhh, too late bud.
TheWeirdoNamedME 01/16/2019 11:33
Mr_Mister 01/12/2019 11:51
Deadsushicat123 01/12/2019 11:03
Rgirl77 01/11/2019 10:06
SlenderLicky, aweee cute
SlenderLicky 01/10/2019 18:02
a pet for red, and a pet for bounce :D
SwagTomato 01/10/2019 18:01
SwagTomato 01/10/2019 18:01
SlenderLicky, Seem cool with me
SlenderLicky 01/10/2019 18:00
but they wont show up with eachother every time...its just too much lol
SlenderLicky 01/10/2019 18:00
pixelchan, SwagTomato, IM USEING BOTH XD