What is she saying?

04/24/2018 16:45
I wanted to do some kind of animation and evenchually did this!Im really pround of it!
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midnight-sparky- 05/05/2018 20:52
papyrus_is_bae22, HAHA she only turned into a bitch after her son died
papyrus_is_bae22 05/05/2018 09:22
heeeey look its Lightning before she turned into a biTCH
STARMIN 05/01/2018 17:36
midnight-sparky- 04/25/2018 15:30
STARMIN 04/24/2018 17:18
Childish_Gambino, Thank you!
Childish_Gambino 04/24/2018 17:13
Aww v cute!