10/18/2018 12:52
Rewards! Top 3: Colored drawing of any character of your choosing! Or short black and white animation! Top 4-6: Black and white fan art owo. Black and white are allowed, shading is allowed! Gore is HIGHLY encouraged! And last of all, HAVE FUN!
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Princessunicat 11/05/2018 03:08
crap no ignore the other one this one is the real one
Princessunicat 11/05/2018 03:06
probably too late but ehhh
DaleksOfSkaro 11/04/2018 11:33
MlXJ3STlC, i added 2 daays
MlXJ3STlC 11/04/2018 07:28
today's the deadline
-Shinigami- 11/03/2018 17:14

oof this isn't scary at all
-Shinigami- 11/01/2018 22:49
almost done
RobloxianCats 11/01/2018 18:21
I gave up on this
RobloxianCats 11/01/2018 18:20
RobloxianCats 11/01/2018 18:10
Is blending allowed?
I'm making mine rn
MlXJ3STlC 11/01/2018 13:36
ignore the other one