ussr is hot buff daddy please punch me

05/27/2019 18:00
i want to make sure everyone knows all the stuff i am drawing is joke joke
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Rushy 09/20/2019 08:56
nkzrt, shh
nkzrt 09/20/2019 08:55
Rushy, whyyoubiggay
Rushy 09/20/2019 08:55
can u draw him clapping me and give it to me at lunch pls thanks
IAmDissapointing 05/27/2019 18:04
nkzrt 05/27/2019 18:02
IAmDissapointing, yeah ik a bunch of people who do sadly
IAmDissapointing 05/27/2019 18:01
I can see people wanting porn of this...