Some fishy guy

06/20/2018 19:28
Yeah I dont have a name for him, but, here he is I guess.


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-AshFlame- 06/27/2018 22:09
valenn, thats not what i did though
valenn 06/27/2018 22:08
Toasty430, Just zoom in and draw the lines.
Toasty430 06/27/2018 22:05
why is it so smOOTH I don't understand the smOOTH how do you smOOTH lines where to get the smOOTH I like smOOTH are you a smOOTH magician smOOTHsmOOTHsmOOTH I need more smOOTH I don't understand the smOOTH smOOTHsmOOTHsmOOTH LINES whER ARE smOOTH L I N E S S M O OT HSMO OTH SMO OTH SMO OTH SMOOTHS MOOTH SMOOTHSMOOTHSMOOTHSMOOTHSMOOTH
-AshFlame- 06/24/2018 14:37
Tomodachi_Life, KJLEKJLERWKJWQ >w<
Tomodachi_Life 06/24/2018 14:36

-AshFlame- 06/22/2018 08:50
SonicmlpGolden, Eep, it sounds nice! owo
SonicmlpGolden 06/22/2018 02:34
-AshFlame-, If you still don't have a name for fish-man...Trident would be a good name...
(I totally just took one word I saw in the comments and made it fish-man's head cannon name...)
*Or at least my head cannon ;w;*
-AshFlame- 06/20/2018 19:48
sah_dude, ljkeljkwejkew
sah_dude 06/20/2018 19:47
finally something i can draw
Al3X_2 06/20/2018 19:31
Al3X_2, Hmm....