armoured titan n*ggas be like

07/18/2019 12:36
also guess who i am from my style :)
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spade-fury 07/25/2019 01:01
Wing_of_fire im not zefuro thats for sure.
Wing_of_fire 07/22/2019 21:06
your style is a little bit like Zefuro's
spade-fury 07/21/2019 19:56
SuruSuruWo wheeze
SuruSuruWo 07/19/2019 21:54
Toonimator_666 07/18/2019 13:12
adoodler 07/18/2019 13:12
the explosion is so cool
Toonimator_666 07/18/2019 13:10
Epic and I love the way you did the lines for the speed on the figure!!!! But no I can't guess who you are lol
JJ-An-Scath 07/18/2019 13:10
woah this is really cool.