04/23/2020 17:24
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-another_idiot- 05/22/2020 09:20
DrIsJam, lol I really think so.
thunderclap 04/23/2020 21:05
My mouth is shut, I do not say.
NinjaCat908 04/23/2020 19:45
DrIsJam, maybe
NinjaCat908 04/23/2020 19:45
DrIsJam 04/23/2020 18:56
SKW 04/23/2020 18:41
Its very smooth. I like the trees too.
thunderclap 04/23/2020 18:07
ty and I have a few other accounts too where I got my practice.
but my mouth is shut I do not speak of them
NinjaCat908 04/23/2020 18:05
it looks kinda weird w/o a snout but good and smooth animation