01/30/2019 14:21
Exams are stressful hhhh // Tomorrow's last day of exams, which happens to be my favourite-- Math!! Wish me luck!! ,,>w>,,
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WolfThatAnimates 02/13/2019 14:36
Better animation, check.
Kotsuko 02/07/2019 22:16
Napsta-123D613, KnightMirror, TYSMMMM ///><////
Napsta-123D613 02/07/2019 03:25
this is . . . . Amazing XD
KnightMirror 02/06/2019 21:15
man thats so goooood.
Kotsuko 02/04/2019 07:04
ShaedeTheEevee, :DDD Yeah me too!! (Except my classmates are just so troublesome in a bad way :I)
ShaedeTheEevee 02/03/2019 23:21
i also love math! and congrats on passing !
Kotsuko 02/01/2019 08:59
zefuro, Lazarinne, Serulii, AAAA TYSM GUYSSS Receiving motivation and support from my most favourite people/idols/senpais on TN is unbelievable!!
zefuro, Ehh if you say so ^^" But I still wish I could do better!
Lazarinne 02/01/2019 04:03
I hope you did/do well. All my love is being sent your way ♡
Serulii 01/31/2019 20:19
zefuro 01/31/2019 17:15
Kotsuko, thats pretty good!