01/30/2019 14:21
Exams are stressful hhhh // Tomorrow's last day of exams, which happens to be my favourite-- Math!! Wish me luck!! ,,>w>,,
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Kotsuko 07/09/2019 08:15
tiger09, xDD impossible I cant teach and I suck sooo
tiger09 07/09/2019 05:37
teach me senpai pls pls pls
Kotsuko 07/07/2019 21:58
tiger09, xDDD nawwww Everyone can be master, and I'm barely master

STRAWB3RRY--M1LK, AJFIEAJFR xDDD I don't think I'm well deserved for that!!!
tiger09 07/07/2019 21:53
you are MASTER
STRAWB3RRY--M1LK 06/29/2019 20:25
so cute!!! i havent tried yet in my animations, but once i do, i think we should do a collaboration! i think ill look cool!! uwu
WolfThatAnimates 02/13/2019 14:36
Better animation, check.
Kotsuko 02/07/2019 22:16
Napsta-123D613, KnightMirror, TYSMMMM ///><////
Napsta-123D613 02/07/2019 03:25
this is . . . . Amazing XD
KnightMirror 02/06/2019 21:15
man thats so goooood.
Kotsuko 02/04/2019 07:04
ShaedeTheEevee, :DDD Yeah me too!! (Except my classmates are just so troublesome in a bad way :I)