This year went NYOOM

12/31/2021 14:26
Again i did not achieve anything...but instead of crying about it, i'll feel blessed that i will most likely have another year to get my stuff together ;')

here goals
get in shape,
make some money
learn to drive,
schooling the school school.
be a productive human being,
trying my best on everything i do :)

see you next year, future me...hopefullyAGHAGHGAHGHA


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G_GE 01/08/2022 19:56
this is yes.
YurFam 01/06/2022 09:51
it did go brr ngl
ServantBrute 01/03/2022 11:33
AL3X_3, maybe
AL3X_3 01/02/2022 20:23
ServantBrute, did yo just tell yourself to shut up
ServantBrute 01/01/2022 17:04
seal77972, no u shut up
seal77972 01/01/2022 17:03
ServantBrute, shut up
ServantBrute 01/01/2022 17:03
I really hope you accomplish your goals! It may be hard sometimes but with enough work and dedication, I believe you can do it!
Don't be like me. I had a ton of goals for 2021, but the only thing I achieved was visiting this site again, something I never even wanted to do. It actually wasn't really as bad back then as I remember it being, so at least I feel more comfortable being here and acknowledging my past.

And while that might be kind of big, I still finished nothing on my to-do list. Work to reach your goals and don't just stand and wait for them to come to you :D
B1uMoonGirl 12/31/2021 18:09
EndlessStyless, its ok pro square i think they look very nice fsdf
and im glad you still lurk here sometimes, its nice seeing people i started out looking up to still active sometimes, happy new years
EndlessStyless 12/31/2021 17:21
B1uMoonGirl, I have already accepted the fact that the year will be the same as the last so that is why my face is already square because I have already punched myself square in the face/// NO IM JOKING. they are just built different -poses-
AL3X_3 12/31/2021 16:21