big dick energy

09/25/2018 22:10
ive been take big fat naps when i come home and end up sleeping till 8 pm and it makes me feel gross idk why im so tired
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BirdsCrickets 09/26/2018 07:58
tea I didn't know you had a toon
whoops time to fall in love with your art even more
120tea 09/25/2018 22:30
yeah, fucking sucks man smh
Defsoul 09/25/2018 22:25
120tea, Same here with me, I've decided to just live a nocturnal life and with little sleep as possible, constantly working + Insomnia
red_nose 09/25/2018 22:21
120tea, aaaa <3<3<3<3
120tea 09/25/2018 22:21
awh thanks, i appreciate u sm <33
120tea 09/25/2018 22:19
honestly, its either no sleep or too much sleep for me, but I'm always tired as fuck either way especially when i sleep too much and i wake up like "oh fuck i can barely open my eyes" like????
red_nose 09/25/2018 22:18
hwhwwhhwhwh i know you hear it a lot but
i love your art so much
your coloring and messy line art makes me nut
Defsoul 09/25/2018 22:17
I haven't had a good full nights rest in years
120tea 09/25/2018 22:12
yes thats how it be all the time my man
120tea 09/25/2018 22:12
thanks bb uwu