I hate to leave things unfinished

03/03/2018 13:05
Let's hope I can finish the rest. I don't like leaving drafts, left to sit in this account to rot forever. So I shall complete them, no matter how crappy it will be. It's time to give this story an ending. Or at least a To Be Continued.
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Rosie28 02/11/2019 18:55
ItsJustSawyer 02/11/2019 18:17
Nice animation! It flows so wellllll
ItsJustSawyer 02/11/2019 18:17
Rosie28 03/05/2018 23:59
TeddyBear4 03/04/2018 15:05
This is great!
Rosie28 03/04/2018 00:22
Can y'all see when the art style changed? It's been a few years, so it probably looks different.
SGandQuatstudio 03/03/2018 17:28
5OUL 03/03/2018 15:58
Fluffowuffo 03/03/2018 13:07
Cool! :D