02/04/2019 06:15
Theme: Angel+Devil on your shoulder // Allowed: Blending, gore // Not allowed: Black+White, nsfw // End: Feb 11th (one week) // 1st place: Full coloured drawing OR simple animation // 2nd place: Black, white, + red drawing // 3rd place: Doodle on sketch.io // Have fun!! :)
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WolfHats 02/04/2019 15:00
can i use white for the background?
WolfHats 02/04/2019 14:55
ShaedeTheEevee, thank you!
ShaedeTheEevee 02/04/2019 11:26
NaniQuackity, no, those are just my personal ones lol
WolfHats, oh, i think one of the dark maroons should work
enzo193 02/04/2019 11:11
WolfHats 02/04/2019 10:02
SHIT i started and i messed up the colors!
WolfHats 02/04/2019 10:02
WAIT my glasses are black can i use black for my glasses plz? or should i use a dark red?
WolfHats 02/04/2019 09:51
oooh should i join!!!
NaniQuackity 02/04/2019 09:02
*that are
Comix_Cat_Kid 02/04/2019 09:01
Me want to try
NaniQuackity 02/04/2019 09:01
ill join, do i need to draw the same characters on you're drawing?