Three Of A Kind

09/20/2019 16:45
The devil, Lou Sapphire, and his two brothers Don and Ron (aka Sinister Minister). They dont exactly get along like they used to.
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LivingDeadDolls 09/23/2019 10:03
Ohren, Active on this account temporarily, I was thinking about doing something on my main Jinxseam soon though (I come and go sometimes ahah)
Ohren 09/21/2019 16:26
Ohren, sidenote??? i had no clue u were still active
Ohren 09/21/2019 16:25
LivingDeadDolls, Technically Yes But Mods Are Dead

see: my former account cockandballtort which isnt banned
LivingDeadDolls 09/21/2019 16:21
pandapup123, oml isnt pron still banned on this site though (would if I could ngl)
pandapup123 09/21/2019 10:50
LivingDeadDolls, draw porn of them no cap
LivingDeadDolls 09/20/2019 21:27
pandapup123, same tho
pandapup123 09/20/2019 20:10
they're kinda hot i like the red one