08/21/2020 10:05


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Raine_Rain 08/23/2020 20:06
cant wait to see the results!
Squibby 08/23/2020 16:20
qwertykatz, thank you im almost done this animation :D
qwertykatz 08/22/2020 23:26
Squibby, You deserved it! And you deserve more! <3
Squibby 08/22/2020 22:45
i got spooders for bein n the weekly top ten-- holy hecc man i didnt know,, i got like almost thousand spooder bois
kraftcheese 08/22/2020 20:52
progod2 ''it's not done still'' :P
progod2 08/22/2020 20:34
Amazing! Could do with adding a face though!
qwertykatz 08/22/2020 01:01
Super adorable!! I love the movements <3
Squibby 08/21/2020 20:40
Squibby, also if it still looks sheit im no professional and this was bc i rlly liked the song this goes,, mainly for fun uwu
Squibby 08/21/2020 20:39
Sp3ctrum, yea i noticed that im workin on it rn lol
Sp3ctrum 08/21/2020 14:06
nice!, but you want to focus on the ground being about level for the character, next time just try doing a copy and paste of a line so you can see if the character is standing in the same place.