Oh hey more realistic me

05/19/2018 00:56
sort of, lol. Its my style I cant help it. Dapper as an oc is odd? they look nearly exactly like me but not quiet, real life me is shorter than i imagine dapper to be. I also have freckles and glasses. its funny people tell me I look 'cuter' than they expect, and idk whether I should be offended because they are implying they probably thought I was an emo, or flattered they called me cute.


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_Disaster_ 05/30/2018 13:15
i love your hair ^^
Squibby 05/19/2018 11:26
Shultiex 05/19/2018 08:42
Offel, i cannot draw boys im jelly
Offel 05/19/2018 08:42
wow! you can draw girls really, really gud. I can't draw em'
ruberduckie 05/19/2018 07:23
Jazzmary 05/19/2018 02:43
DapperVoxlyy 05/19/2018 01:18
FurryScumbag, yea I guess
FurryScumbag 05/19/2018 01:08
DapperVoxlyy, you don't act or look it

i guess people tend to associate a persons art or style with what they think they look like and it just becomes - - that
DapperVoxlyy 05/19/2018 01:07
FurryScumbag, I DONT GET IT TBH
I draw edgy stuff and shit
but I don't think I ACT emo??????
FurryScumbag 05/19/2018 00:59
you looked exactly like i thought you would tbh- -