08/07/2020 19:49
This was a fully taced animation. Here's what I've learned: 1. Tracing with a mouse is a living night mare. 2. I spent to much time on this 3. The tracing looks like h e c k
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AGoat 08/28/2020 15:48
zederbear, Like- 2 hours?
zederbear 08/28/2020 00:18
How long did you take?
AGoat 08/27/2020 18:53
_WolfLover_, Thank you, also
AGoat 08/27/2020 18:52
_WolfLover_, Oo, Nice :D
_WolfLover_ 08/27/2020 18:43
Atm im doing another battle, but we can start this one soon
BatLemon 08/07/2020 21:17
this is true art. no matter the flaws, i still like it.
AGoat 08/07/2020 19:56
Ignore the frame that's missing a neck, heh