(SEIZURE) [Deluuusion]

05/17/2018 00:23
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C16rzklmm2A | Preview is a fucker | Blegus Bai. This is not a vent


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Talia8Pie 05/20/2018 23:47
Talia8Pie 05/20/2018 06:59
*counts medals*
*begins screaming in a revengeful voice Djfuzzy4evaa YOU ARE GOING TO GET ITTTT*
Talia8Pie 05/19/2018 00:25
FG_FatalHydra 05/18/2018 23:23
wut is going on inside his mouth??
XxredeyedemonxX 05/18/2018 22:19
Talia8Pie 05/18/2018 22:17
XxredeyedemonxX, Toonator is the furry. And if you can't handle that I advise you stay back and keep it to yourself
XxredeyedemonxX 05/18/2018 22:15
i hope this aint that furry shit!
Talia8Pie 05/18/2018 21:31
6shoe_deal, yea, I jusst get worried that if someone watches this and gets a seziure, i'd be held responsible. I don't want that to happen ;-;
6shoe_deal 05/18/2018 21:27
ok one thing

only 3% of seizures are caused by flashing stuff so you didnt really need to put that there. its so rare lol

FG_FatalHydra 05/18/2018 10:56
I'm listening to loud af music, and everytime I see this, it seems perfectly on beat...